Response to a second post deleted by The Hive

Out of curiosity I checked my DSTM emails anddddddddd Jared got is pathetic cronies to delete my long post detailing the embarrassing picture saga I had with the Hive. Unbelievable. I can’t believe I was ever a fan of this band. Luckily their last album was total shit – full of fillers and Jared putting on a cringey gravelly voice. It was a terrible rehash of This is War with the same meaningless message jesus christ is it awful.

[I bought the album the day it came out and this is honestly the amount of times I have listened to these songs. I didn’t even enjoy it, I forced myself to listen to them with the hopes they might sound better… they didn’t]

Jared you are a piece of shit who is sooo concerned with a few young pictures of yourself on the web yet you don’t seem to care about the constant umm.. “rumours” about your preoccuaption with girls young enough to be your children. That and the dick rumour you are threating with legal action omg. Buddy, it’s YOUR problem that half of California has seen your dick which is probably riddled with ever disease known to man. I don’t give a fuck! Seriously. I’ve been out of the fandom for two years and yet all I hear is bad things about this guy! Good luck with pedalling that shit album which was released ages ago. Is it City of Angels week or Do or Die week? Which does the Echelon have to promote until their fingers bleed? Who gives a fuck they are both shite anyway and accompained with a self-indulgent music video featuring Jared’s top off and hair flying. Stick to the acting, Jared, your music and personality is offensive.

If you want to read the article that Thrash Hits wrote regarding his goons deleting pictures and blogs it’s here >>>

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jaredleto @jaredleto you will always be Jordan Catalano to me ❤

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“Jared Leto is still a terrible, terrible musician, and he remains the only person ever to threaten us with legal action.” – Thrash Hits